The Difference Between A Writing Desk And A Computer Desk

What is a writing desk?

Writing desks are simple pieces of furniture that help to inspire new works of art and non-fiction. A desk top and perhaps one or two drawers to help organise stationery. The drawers can be centred or located to one side, or if they are above the desk they are called storage. Nowadays, most people don’t write with a pen much, so writing desks have been transformed into simple desks that allow you to comfortably hold your laptop, but are not designed to support larger devices.

Large writing desks

Some jobs require you to make the leap from a small writing desk to a large one. If you find yourself using your laptop for certain things and need extra space to write for other tasks, there are specially designed desks that can help you. Their style is still simple, but the added surface area will keep your workspace tidy and relax your mind. You’ll find that you end up creating better work in less time.

If you don’t have enough space on your desk then you may find that you are currently pounding your shoulders and other parts of your body, leading to fatigue and soreness. It’s best to buy an extra large desk and forget about these problems.

What is a computer desk?

A computer desk is a larger piece of furniture than a writing desk, large enough to store a desktop monitor, hard drive and every cable they need. Computer desks are vital for maintaining a high level of organisation in a small business home office because of the amount they can store. Naturally, wooden desktops are larger, but the unit has fewer drawers to compensate for the loss of space needed to store the rest of the computer equipment.

Another feature of computer desks is the multi-level shelving. It is important to keep your monitor in the correct, ergonomic position flush with your line of sight, especially if you are looking at it every day. Neck strains and other muscle injuries can soon occur.

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