Set of 3 Large Distressed Wood Crate

This set of three crates has a distressed design, suitable for home storage and floral planting.

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30*20*16 CM, 35*25*18 CM, 40*30*20 CM

Product Details:

This set of three crates can be used in many areas, such as garden planting, home storage and gift baskets. The surface of this container is treated by distressing, so it will have a distressed look.

Convenient storage, they can be used separately when in use, and can be nested when not in use. The large size is 40*30*20CM, the medium size is 35*25*18CM, and the small size is 30*20*16CM. Of course the size can be customized, as well as the color, just tell me.With the holidays coming, you could fill one with brandy, cookies, and holly for a fantastic gift.


  • Durable construction
  • Distressed design
  • Open slat design
  • Size: LG: 40*30*20 CM, MD: 35*25*18 CM, SM: 30*20*16 CM

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